to turn rice straw into biomass pellets with a straw pellet mill

To turn rice straw to biomass pellets, a rice straw pellet mill will be necessary. Analyzing the characters of rice straw, we developed a series of rice straw pellet mill. Each of them is small, portable, efficient, and productive for own use.

the straw pellet mill is mainly used to process rice straw into rice straw pellets as fuel for heating and cooking at home. Generally rice straw is very common all over the world, especially in the countryside. It is good application for the pellet mill to process straw bimass due to rich raw materials resources in the farm. Along with the development of pelletizing, rice straw pellet mill has becoming the most important save-energy machine in the market increasingly.

Benefits of Straw Pellets as Biomass Fuel
Straw pellets are characterized by high calorific value, low moisture content, minimal amounts of ash content, long burning time and environmental protection. Straw biomass pellets can be used as an alternative heating fuel to oil and gas when burnt in a suitable biomass boiler. As a biomass fuel, straw pellets contain a relatively high amount of volatile ingredients, which make this kind of fuel burn very effectively. The calorific value of straw pellets are about 18-19 MJ/kg, the ash content is lower than 3% and the moisture content are lower than 10%, which are suitable for burning.

video of making pellets

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