wood pellet mill

wood pellet mill

The gears of the gearbox are made of high quality alloy steel. After case-hardening, carburizing and grinding processes, the gears of the wood pellet mill obtained advantages like smooth transmission, low noise, high bearing capacity, low temperature and long life time.

The main shaft of our wood pellet mill has a heavy-duty thrust bearing which has a long useful life and can carry great axial force.

this wood pellet mill applies long-diameter rollers, which makes the machine has a large output, high molding rate, uniform size and high density.

Both the roller and the flat die of the wood pellet mill have passed wear-resistant process. The two side of the flat die is exchangeable, which extended the useful life of the machine.
In order to prevent dust and improve the working environment, all the bears applied

leakproof structure. And this also extended the service life of the bearings.
this wood pellet mill price is low with high quality good use for home use.

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