what advantages of floating fish feed pellet machine

The Floating fish Feed Pellet Machine can make many kinds of fodder for different kinds of animal fodder. the fish feed pellet machine can make poultry-fodder, pet-fodder, as well as aquaculture-fodder and fishery feed, which is also called floating feed. the pellet machine is applied to the pretreatment of the animal fodder, so as to reduce loss of nutrition, advance the protein content, So the fodder will be digested easier by animals. The poultry fodder can feed chicken, rabbit, sheep, pig, horse cattle's and so on. The pet-fodder can feed dogs ,cats, goldfish etc The Fishery-feed can feed the fish, shrimps, crab, eel ,catfish, batrachia and so on.

Raw materials for floating fish feed pellet machine

the fish feed extruder is adopted corn flour, fish meal as raw materials

Products: This fish feed pellet machine can be used to produce fish pellets, the pellets size can be from 1.0mm to 10mm by adjusting the moulds from extruder; meanwhile it can produce dog food, cat food

what advantages of such fish feed pellet machine

1. The automatic floating fish feed pellet machineis mainly used for producing pellet feed of all kinds of animals including fish, pets, live tocks and poultry, etc.

2. The cutting structure of the fish feed pellet machine is very advanced.the pellet machine to make feed has such outstanding features as novel design, unique, simple structure, easy to install and easy to unload and easy to operate, etc.

3. Main components of the fish feed pellet machine use special alloy materials made of heat-treated, long service life than domestic similar machine 3-4 times higher and the costs of production feed is very low.

4. Screw discharge nozzle use modular design, easy to adjust and the price is cheap. We can adjust the cutter to get the different diameter and the length

floating fish feed pellet machine to make feed pellets for kinds of fish

This fish feed pellet machine can be making all kinds of fish feed, the pellets can be floating on water for 24hours .the fish feed pellet machine can produce different shapes feed for fish, dog, cat etc. For fish, the feed can be floating or sinking. Through the pretreatment of the feed, the pellet machine can reduce loss of nutrition and advance the protein ratio. So the feed will be digested easily by animals.

advantages of fish feed pellet machine
1,the fish feed pellet machine has low power consumption, high output, simple operation, and high work reliability.
2, Gelatinization degree can reach 90%, enhance the output of fodders, the fish feed pellet machine is suitable for making floating fish feed pellets, pet food, fish fodder. The diameter of particle is Φ0.6-16mm. Promising fodder output evenly and continuously.
3, the feed pellet mill is newly desigbed model which has compact structure, high efficiency
4, the fish food can keep over the water for over twelve hours.