learning much knowledge of making pellets for rabbit

making pellets for rabbit is not just simple to make particles, there are much knowledges we have to pay attention to Usually the plate die itself rotates, and the machine fixed knives pellets cut to a predetermined length. From there they are transferred to a cooler or dryer to remove the heat that is produced during the process of granulation and is often added steam conditioning. to store the pellets well, we also have to remove the moisture content of the pellets, granulation and operation of pellet mills are specialized subjects on which many books have been written. Die hole sizes for making pellets for rabbit generally range from 2mm to 12mm for different animals. The thickness of the die plate 
to determine the compactness and stability of the pellet.
Effectively prevent rabbits are picky eaters and unbalanced nutritional intake of the daily ration rabbit, rabbit breeders often eat rabbits material gathering food powder mixed and willing to do a variety of food ingredients and pellets animals are well mixed and pressed rabbit no better way to picky eaters.
Have some food pellet hardness unlike the wet powder mixture so sweet, greatly increase the hardness, very love rabbit bites hard objects molars habits, would not for rabbits chewing molars designed for rabbits,so we can use animal feed pellet mill for making pellets for rabbit using flat die pellet mill or ring die pellet mill, but i think ring die pellet mill is better.
Tasteful pellets in the pressing process, the starch paste in the mixed powder, then pressed into pellets has some flavor, increase the palatability of pellets by the pellet machine, can stimulate appetite rabbit, rabbits like to eat, according to determination, rabbits fed pellets can increase from 10% to 15% of food consumption,

do you know how to pellets?

do you know how to pellets?

If you are new to the idea of ​​making granules, then finding the correct pellet mill can be very confusing. Many more people are turning to pellet stoves facilitate or eliminate the huge heating bills. Make pellets for your pellet stove is a great way to do this. If you look around, there are chances that you can get your raw materials for free.Some places to visit are sawmills, furniture stores, a wood shop in school, municipality, trimmer and the list goes on.

the first step if you want to make good granules, you must first crush the raw materials such as straw, rice husk, wood chips, sawdust, coconut, corn, wheat, rice cake oil, soil, bone meal and fish and so on
secondly, after crushing the raw materials in the form of fine powder with 5-6 mm, use a blender to mix evenly together.but if your raw materials is only one kind. dont need to mix them.
thirdly, it is the key pelletizing step, a wood pellet mill has two types one is flat die pellet machine, the other is ring die pellet machine. the biggest difference between the two is the production yield
forthly, it is the cooling process, when the raw materials in the room of the machine granulator the temperature is very high, we can not directly pack granules produced by the wood pellet mill, so cooling process is necessary, but if your production capacity is very low, using air cooled by a conveyor belt is ok, it can reduce your cost


diesel operated chicken feed pellet mill

Chicken feed pellet mill 1)The chiken animal feed pellet mill are produced by special technologies,the pellets specifications can be adjusted at will through changing the flat die(mould),the pellets after feed pellet machine have smooth surface,suitable density and higher curing degree 2)The machine can make starch pasting,protein coagulating,and improve the nutritional quality of feed pellets,easy to digest and absorb,meanwhile kill the pathogenic germ and parasite. 3)Through the adjustment of die reduction ratio the fertilizer pellets can make the temperature high instantaneously during machine working. 4) reach the standard of low temperature making pellets(below 60°C),so can make all the feed pellets 5)It is no problems for your pellet diameter 2mm with 5mm length,you are the first customer to require the pellet length,normally,only the pellet diameter can be pressed,the length is not important for the feedstuff,because the pellet machine is specialized in pressing poultry feed pellets. 6)Raw materials moisture should be 15%-20% is fit for the pellet mill

feed pellet mill for making poultry fodder

animal feed pellet mill with  high output, continuous working ability of feed particles machine! 
It is easy to operate, designed for beef, lamb, chicken, duck, goose to wait to farmers design,

 mainly to solve the rural lots of wheat, soybeans,corn straw utilization rate is low.

users can also need according to oneself with people of various materials how to process after mixing 
ratio, unlike other into granulate particle machine must limit toppings, straw powder proportion, 
in order to save production cost.
the feed pellet mill Can also will straw processed into fuel grain, used to burn.

Main Chracters :
1, the wood pellet mill simple structure, suitability is wide, cover an area of an area small, low noise.

2, powder feed, toppings don't need (or a little) liquid can be added for granulating. 
So the moisture content of granule feedstuff materials for granulating basic before the moisture content, more benefit at the store.

3 and the high hardness, made of granular surface is smooth, internal maturation degree, 
can increase nutrition sufficent digestion absorption, and can kill general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, suitable for feeding rabbit, fish, ducks 
and other animals than mixed powder feed, can obtain more economic benefits.

4, the machine has Ø 1.5 - Ø 20 multiple aperture mold, adapt to different materials granulation, the best result.

5, adapt to different materials, ensure suppression effect. Sawdust, corn straw, compression molding takes a lot of pressure, in the similar granulating equipment,

6. the roller components is the center of the whole equipment, and adopt high quality alloy steel parts, improve the service life of the roller

flat plate type pellet mill for animal feed

introduction of pellet mill for animal feed

pellet mill for animal feed is from China processional feed mill machinery manufacturer. 
with the fast development of feeding poultry industry, this kind of poultry feed pellet mill for animal feed is very popular for farmers who feed large quantity of poultry and animals in China. This pellet mill for animal feed has the advantage of competitive price, low consumption, high capacity; etc. This pellet mill for animal feed are a desirable choice for small feeding plant for it can save time and cost for them. 
The best moisture content for pelletizing is between 12%-15%. 

There are generally two types of dies in the pellet mill – flat die or ring die.  Die hole sizes usually range from  3 mm to 12mm.  The thickness of the plate die helps to determine the compactness and stability of the pellet.  animal feed Pellet mill  dies are usually manufactured from metal alloys, stainless steel or high chrome.  
In a pellet plant, the pellets are transferred from the pellet mill for animal feed, to a cooler/drier to remove the heat which is generated during the pelleting process.  The moisture content of the pellets also needs to be reduced for durability during storage and shipping.  Pellets are then normally stored in silos or bins for bulk shipping or to be processed by packaging systems.

cheap animal feed pellet mill with best price

introduction of animal feed pellet mill
Pellet mills is referred as to pellet making mill which is used to manufacture pellets for animal feed like chicken feed,duck feed,cattle feed,sheep feed and so on from prepared feedstock grains.animal feed Pellet mill vary in power from 3 kilowatt to 30 kilowatt  or larger.the production capacity is ranging from 40kg/h to 2000kg/h.

Main features of animal feed pellet mill
1. the cheap animal feed pellet mill has simple structure, wide applicability, small footprint and low noise.
2, powder feed, saw powder without (or little)liquid added can be granulating . Therefore, the moisture content of pellets before the materials essential for the granulation moisture content, more conducive to storage.
3, the mechanism of particles into the high hardness, smooth surface, relatively adequate internal curing can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients and can kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites in general for raising rabbits, fish, ducks and experimental animals higher than the mixed powder feed the economic benefits available.
4, the animal feed pellet mill is adapted to different materials to ensure the suppression effect. granulation in the same equipment, roller parts are the center of the device components, and the use of high-quality alloy steel,which is increased roller use life.

qualified wood pellet mill for making sawdust fuel pellets

1. Applied Range of wood pellet mill
This wood pellet mill machine can be  can be used to make fuel energy for burning by wood shaving, wood waste, sawdust, straw, cotton stalk, rice hull, peanut hull, grass, etc  Making pellets is a skilled process, which needs the right equipment. To produce qualified pellets, the material must have a certain moisture content, and the necessary binding qualities.

3when it works, the wood pellet making machine is flat die rotates and then take rollers work, but the whole roller assemble keeps stable . in this way the wood pellet mill will keep all materials piles up in the center of die to increase pellet machine working efficiency .

4.this wood pellet mill can make biomass pellets as burning fuel ,and can also make animal feed pellet, and orgnaic fertilizers for farm use. the wood pellet mill can be driven by electricity or diesel engine motor

best quality wood pellet mill machine from china supplier

1. introduction of wood pellet mill
small wood pellet mill adopts special high quality steels plate and advanced even shaft driving device and the cold press molding technology, polishing integer process appearance, compact structure.The key component of our wood pellet mill is made of high quality alloy steel the service life lengthens 5-7 times
2. Features of wood pellet mill
a. the wood pellet mill has High efficiency and output with low energy consumption: through its reasonable and professional design, the machine feeds and press evenly, and discharges pellets with low damage. 
b.The pellets produced by the wood pellet machine are smooth and even, of high standard hardness and heat value.
c.the flat die pellet mill can be driven by diesel engine, unlimited by electricity, can be worked at any place. 
d. Stronger and durable spare parts, such as that the roller is made by high grad complex alloy steel

e. Of various kinds of pore diameter flat die to choose.

Working Principle of this wood pellet making machine
wood pellet making machine use diesel engine as the driving force for initiative axis, and operate cyclely. Major axis and disk mode are drived by gear wheels to produce the friction with the pressure roll bolt, the resulting friction temperature ( between pressure roller and the mode tray can reach 80°c . The powder material become paste at high temperature  and is condensed into pieces, then go through the hole on the mode tray. 

multifunctional plate type wood pellet mill

function of wood pellet mill

flat die wood pellet mill can be used to produce a wide range of pellets,from animial feeds to fuel pellets including wood pellets,wood sawdust,wood chips,corn,wheat,rice,rice husk,wheat bran and so on

The raw material could be:

1.Wood sawdust like wood offcut like tree branch, trunk and bark,etc.

2.Fruit hulls like rice hull, sunflower seed hull, penut hull,coconut hull, etc.

3.Various crop stalks like corn stalk,weat stalk,sunflower stalk, beanstalk etc.
4.Other herbaceous plant such grass, hay,etc.

Advantage of wood pellet mill

1. low noise and less trouble

2. National patent 

3.Auto oil adding and lubrication

4. Low energy consumption 

5. Easy and safety to operate 

raw material for this wood pellet mill

Any types of Agro-forestry waste  can be used to make briquettes Such as maize stalks, soybean stalks, broomcorn stalks, cotton stalks, rape stalks, peanut plants, sunflower stalks, bamboo sawdust, bagasse , wood chips, rice husk, coffee husk, 

1. This wood pellet making machine is small volume, save the electricity, low noise and can transmission feeding speed.  Our machine has the characteristic as follows: structure in reason, exterior beauty, and stable performance.

2. The plate type wood pellet mill machine can make pellet size from 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm and so on. the user can choose according to need.

3. Iron absorption with the security of the machine device,can prevent the production of iron impurities in the process of mixing, which is equipped with a safety pin device, overload protection.

wood pellet machine mill for sale is low price

Introduce of wood pellet machine
1.this wood Pellet machine can produce  biomass such as the particle sawdust, straw, chaff etc.
2.the wood pellet machine adopts cold press molding technology, polishing integer process. Beautiful appearance, compact structure.

3.the wood pellet machine has High output, low consumption, low noise, low fault, the machine's fatigue resistance is strong, which can be continuous production.
4.Independent lubrication;high pressure filtration ,clean and unlocked.

5.this wood pellet making machine has small size,light weight,cheap price,siutable for home use.
Wood pellet machine ---Working principle: 
The biomass material has been on the die through the feed hopper. The press roller has

 been driven by principle axis, then press roller has extend the material to the nib, 
the material has been shaped into the cylindrical pellet  and would be cut the rotary slicer, 
then moved to the discharging hole.

Raw material Size for this wood pellet machine

The length of the material cannot exceed the diameter of the die hole. Please ensure the right size of Raw material, otherwise they will easily damage the  wood pellet mill

small wood pellet machine for making fuel pellets

small wood pellet mill can  produce many wood such as pine,brich,poplar,fruit trees wood,crop straw,banboo,the wood pellet machine adopt  efficient belt to convey, we can customerize  various shape,it use high- precision involute cylindraucal helicalgear , the transmission can reach 98%,which is higher than the same line,
This small wood pellet machine is situable for making oil cake,corn,wheat,rice,soybean,rice husk and so on for the feedstuff. It could be used to make feed for the fish, chicken, animal, etc. Aslo,the small wood pellet machine could be used for making biomass, sawdust pellet, etc. The ultimate size is Dia 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.
then do you know how to make good pellets?

1) the wood pellet making machine can process the oil cake and other mixed waste material to granule at one time. And it is columned granule feed and have slippery firm.
2) During the process of producing granule, the temperature can almost reach 70-80 centigrade. the wood pellet machine can make fecula into paste. The inner granule is cooked and fully penetrating, and is not easy to go moldy and degenerative. Then it can be stored for a long time and improve poultry dainty and assimilation function.
3) the wood pellet machine also can shorten the period of feeding, so it can efficiently guarantee many users' productive cost.


wood pellet making machine for making burning fuel

The advantages of finished pellets:

1.as biomass fuels :(Dia4-10mm,or bigger)

Without dust ,smokeless, Cleanliness.no CO, pollution-free.

High density and heat value, easy burn ,low cost ,convenient use.

2.for animal feed :(dia 2.5 -6mm,or bigger)Taste good ,high-usage

Usage of the machine:
the wood pellet making machine is used to produce pellet feed for pig, cattle, sheep, rabbit, chicken, duck, fish,etc; or To make inorganic fertilizer granule

this wood pellet making machine is also used to produce the wood pellet for fuel.

The requirement of raw material:
below 6mm powder, if your raw material is straw, wood branch , corn husk and so on, you should grind them into powder at first, and then you can directly use the machine.

Character of wood pellet making machine

1. Raw material for this wood pellet making machine to adapt to a wide range,

such as sawdust leaves, such as straw biomass.

2.the machine low price,stable performance, high output, low energy consumption maintenance

3.it has maintenance convenient, low failure rate and easy to operate

4. Swadust and wood pellet mill the whole body casting, firm structure

5. it is equipped with heavy reasoning bearing, long service life

6 Wood pellet making mill to flat die roll for the high wear resistance of heat treatment,

high wear-resistant parts cost to be low

7. Wood pelelt mill the pellet formation rate is high, the strength of the particles are high
8.this wood pellet making machine is small and light which is good use for home,such a homemade pellet mill is popular for small scale.

homemade pellet mill for sale with small output capacity

This type of homemade pellet mill stands out the facts that it can be put to use in many regions especially in the distant area where power is deficient.
Generally, diesel engine is applied to small flat die homemade pellet mill and its application is very extensive. With more and more people is hunger forusing pellet mill to create heat to their family, so the needs of homemade pellet mill with diesel engine is also increasing nowadays.
2.homemade pellet mill for sale our product using cold forming technology and cosmetic polishing process. It has beautiful appearance and compact structure.
3.it has high output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, fatigue and strong machine, continuous production, economic and durable.
4. the whole homemade pellet mill uses a special high-quality materials and advanced with shaft drive, the key components of high quality alloy steel plus wear-resistant material, to extend the service life 5-7years.

wood pellet mill made of alloy steel

wood pellet mill is a new generation of energy-saving products,researched and developed by our researcher newly. this wood pellet mill for sale is mainly used to compress crushed corn straw, plant waste, bamboo powder, grass, straw, rice husk and wood chips etc. into cylindrical and square shape particles. the wood pellet mill is adopted bipolar speed adjusting, and have the characteristics of low power consumption, reasonable structure, economic and durable.
User-friendly design:
The complete wood pellet mill plant is quite compact, which means more space will be saved; the structure of it is concise that is good for assembly during the shipment. The wood pellt mill plant is designed quite user-friendly, on this score, it is easy to operate and facility to shipment.

Multiple usage, wide applicable range/field:
The homemade wood pellet mill we offer can be veried multipurpose employed, for example, MXK series wood pellet making machine can be used to make both feed pellets and wood pellets. However, the output will vary for the difference of raw materials.

flat die pellet mill for home use

Introduction about Flat die Pellet mill:       
     This series pellet mill machine is used to pellet the mixed feedstuff powder within one time. During the process ,there is no need to add water ,no need to dry the materials ,the pellet mill can reach 70 centigrade naturally which will gelatinize starch The products canbe stored for a long time .the pellet mill for home use mainly applies to aquaculture, fish, ducks, chicken, shrimp, pigs, cattle, sheep, as well as industrial processing particles.

Out Dimension (mm)

Feature of our pellet mill

1.Lower energy consumption

2.Pure Biomass Pellet without any additive

3.Stronger spare parts

4.Perfect technical design with less labor

12 months warranty wood pellet mill machine

The raw material of the flat die pellet mill 
the pellet mill has wide range of materials, such as sawdust, wood, straw, 
rice husk, cotton stalk, peanut shell, empty fruit branch,corn,wheat,fish bone powder,oil cake
waste paper, cottonseed skins, weeds, crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially 
low-bonding and unformed materials and other can be making into biomass pellets 
without any additive.
 raw material requirement for the pellet mill:
1) powder size: 2~4mm.    
2) powder moisture: 16-18%.
We also supply the wood chipper, wood crusher, dryer, cooling and dusting machine, packing machine

Out Dimension (mm)