straw pellets usage and making straw pellets operation video

Straws are widely used in paper making, ethanol production or used as feed for animals in the past, until recently, the new way of processing these straws has caught people’s attention-that is pelletizing. While with the development of pellet machine, straws are available to use as raw materials of pellet making machine.

Wide Application of Straw Pellets

In addition to used as fuel pellets, straw pellets can also be used as horse bedding and small pet bedding. Straws has been used as horse bedding for centuries. Until recently, the development of pelletizing industry has made it possible to use straw pellets which is more suitable for bedding in the stall. Since straw pellets are pure, natural products without additives and of high hygienic, they are the best products for animal bedding.
Straw pellets can be used as animal feed. And compared with straws, the straw pellets are easier to be stored and can be stored for a longer time.

making straw pellets operation video

this is our new improved blue color pellet mill which can process grains like corn meal .sunflower meal, wheat straw meal, stalk meal ,soybean meal and so on,
the pellet making machine is mainly used to make animal feed pellets, for chicken, duck, sheep, cattle, and also good for animal bedding, the feed pellet making machine can process final pellets size from 2 micrometers to 10 micrometers , the pellet making machine can also process soft wood sawdust into pellets,
the moisture requires at 6% to 10%, and the raw materials for the pellet making machine must be in powder form.
the flat die wood pellet machine is very suitable for home use and small poultry farm use and medium poultry farm use,
our machine production yield arranges from 30 kilo grams to 2000 kilo grams , you can choose easily among these machines, and we also supply you the spare parts at any time to ensure your machine works well. 

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