small flat die wood pellet machine for pressing wood pellets

wood pellet making machine mainly applied to biomass material, make the biomass fuel pellets (wood pellet).The size of input materials for the wood pellet press machine should smaller than the diamter of the pellets you want to get. The best moisture content of raw materials is 15%-20%, the moisture of finished pellets is about 13%.The wood pellet making machines can be driven by both with motor and diesel engine can satisfy the different customers' requirements.Under the advanced technology adopting automobile differential gear, the capacity of our machines is high, energy consumption is low and the operation is very convenient. 

Features of wood pellets making machine

1. the wood pellet making machine adopts advanced Germanic advanced technology, with strong structure, the flat die and rollers is Wear-resisting, heat-resistant.

2.the wood pellet machine have best performance die and rollers, made from high quality wear resistant alloy steel with advanced quenching technology, increase output and extend service life.

3. The flat die wood pellet making machine rollers are smoothly when working, its big body and unique design increase pressing place, increase production efficiency.

4.Finished pellet's diameter is 6, 8mm normally, can make according to customers’ need 

5.This wood pellet mill with the advantage of closely structure, easily operation, stable performance

6.The pressed pellets with high density, high fuel value, low moisture, low ash content.

7.The gearbox of the wood pellet machine is running by high precision gears. The gearbox and main shaft automatic recycling oil adding is realized by hydraulic oil inputting system.

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