introduction and usage of wood pellets made by wood pelletzing machine

wood pellets advantages for burning

Wood pellets produced by high quality wood pellet machine are an natural, affordable, and eco-friendly way to heat your house. Wood pellets fuels emit less ashes and harmful emissions. Also, the carbon dioxide which is released during the combustion of wood pellets is being used by the growing plants. This renewable, economical and sustainable fuel source has gained interest all over the world!

Wood pellet made by pellet mill patio heaters are an example of an ingenious application of four basic scientific phenomena. Air, fire, fuel, and gravity are all that are needed to generate thousands of eco-friendly BTU’s. The wood pellet patio heater is an exceptionally unique product that is simple to operate, and because it doesn’t rely on electricity, motors or any moving parts, it is both a reliable and practical product.

raw materials making wood pellets

Wood pellets are made from sustainably sourced dry sawdust which is compressed under high pressure. This combination of low moisture content, typically 8-10%, and high density means that wood pellets are a particularly high energy fuel: even higher than wood in its natural form.

Their high density also means that wood pellets require less storage space than wood chip and are particularly suited to smaller biomass boilers.

Wood pellets are only as good as the standard to which they are manufactured. Poor quality pellets can disintegrate into sawdust and cause problems in your biomass boiler or fuel store and may have lower energy density and higher levels of contaminants.

wood pellets another usage

Made from the highest quality raw materials, our animal bedding pellets are economical and all natural. You’ll find only clean, 100% soft wood in Premium Horse Bedding – so your horses will enjoy fluffy, absorbent, long-lasting bedding.

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