using a feed pellet mill machine to make your own pelleted feed

animal feed pellet machine processes with extrusion pressure between mold and pressure roller and friction of die holes. Any addition of additives or binders is unnecessary during the course. For straw and other materials contain cellulose and lignin, the latter is structure monomer and belongs to phenyl propane type polymer compound. the feed pellet eq can enhance cell walls, and agglutinate cellulose. The lignin is amorphous and insoluble in any solvent at normal temperature, and it has no melting point but softening point. When it reaches a certain temperature,lignin soften and the adhesive force increases. Then under certain pressure, it makes cellulose molecule group misalign, deform, extend, and internally adjacent biomass particles mutually mesh, regroup and press briquettes.

features and advantages 

1. structure closely, easy to use ,run stably.

2. High density, high fuel value, low moisture and low ash content, Machines running by reduction.

3. The capacity of our granule pelleting machine is high, energy consumption is low and the.

4. Granule pelleting machine is handled by CN machine, the die and rollers are handled by heat treatment, which increase the abrasive resistance, prolong the die and rollers lifespan.

5. The micro granule pelleting machine processing pellet specification could be will by replacing mould.

6. Wood pellet mill have CE, ISO9001, and SGS certificat.

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