wood sawdust pellet maker machine for pelletizing fuel pellet for cooking

wood sawdust pellet maker machine for pelletizing fuel pellet for cooking

Small pellet mill for sale are produced by special technologies, the final product of fuel pellets have big density and high heating power. The pellet specifications can be adjusted at will through changing die.The finished product feed pellets have smooth surface, which has suitable density and higher curing degree. Small wood pellet mill for sale also can make starch pasting, protein coagulating or denaturating, and improve the nutritional quality of feed pellets, easy to digest and absorb, meanwhile kill the pathogenic germ and parasite.

What is biomass fuel?

Cordwood, wood pellets, wood chips, waste paper, along with dozens of other agricultural products and by-products capable of being used for energy, are all examples of biomass fuel. The most compelling principle of biomass is that it is renewable. The remarkable consistency and burn efficiency of pellet fuel produces a fraction of the particulate emissions of raw biomass. Pellet burners feature the lowest particulate matter emissions of all solid fuels burners. Given the proper Sustainable Forest Initiatives and agricultural management, biomass is virtually limitless, and has proven to be price stable in comparison with fossil fuels.

the features of the small wood pellet mill

1. the wood pellet machine has structure closely, easy to use ,run stably.

2. the small wood pellet mill has High density, high fuel value, low moisture and low ash content, Machines running by reduction.

3. The capacity of our wood pelleting machine is high, energy consumption is low and the.

4. the small wood pelleting machine is handled by CN machine, the die and rollers are handled by heat treatment, which increase the abrasive resistance, prolong the die and rollers lifespan.

5. The small wood pelleting machine processing pellet specification could be adjustedgear.at will by replacing mould.

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