to make fuel pellets for own home heating with a flat die pellet mill is more and more popular as the rising price of wood pellets

How to Make Wood Waste into Biomass Pellet Energy
to make fuel pellets for own home heating with a flat die pellet mill is more and more popular as the rising price of wood pellets. You can collect the agro and forest waste available in your surroundings and then buy a home pellet mill to make them into pellets. Besides, most of flat die pellet mill can produce both biomass pellets and animal feed pellets. So buy a portable pellet mill is really a worthy investment.this flat die pellet mill is driven by diesel engine, so it has outstanding advantages in rural areas which is short of electricity.
How to Choose a Pellet Mill
1. While you are looking for a pellet mill, you may be dazzled for so many brands and designs. What you should first consider is the capacity requirement, if you want to produce small pellet mill for home use, justing for heating home or breeding poultry, a small flat die pellet mill of about 200kg/h is enough. If you plan to buy a pellet mill both for home use and pellet vending purpose, our pellet mill 360/400 is more suitable. For industrial production of pellets, and ring die pellet mill is better choice.
2. Engine choice. Which engine drive is more suitable for you, this is a question to take into serious consideration. Electric and diesel engine are most popular types in market. You can calculate the cost according to the electricity and diesel cost and then make a choice.
3. Brand choice. Before making the final choice, you should take every chance to learn about international pellet mill manufactures. As the pellet mill price is always determined by country origin while pellet mill quality not. Every one knows CPM pellet mill, Pellet Pros pellet mill and Amisy Pellet Mill are top 3 reliable pellet mill manufacturers with premium quality in the world, while the price of CPM and Pellet Pros machines is much higher than Victor Pellet Mill, just determine as you like.

With a small yield flat die pellet mill, you can make use of everything possible to make feed pellets

With the development of biomass energy and feed technology, pellets--fuel pellets or wood pellet are becoming popular in market. You can get raw material like grass, branch, leaves and straw easily in you backyard and farm. All these materials are cheap and easy to get and can make waste to new generation energy. With a small yield flat die pellet mill, you can make use of everything possible to make feed pellets for poultry and wood pellets for fuel in winter. Save energy and save money!

This flat die pellet mill is driven by diesel. Adopting such energy driven design, it can make pellet process available in rural area in short of electricity, economizing electricity and money. Moreover, as a result of diesel driven mode, this flat die animal feed pellet mill can move freely and is more flexible and adaptable for different working condition. The advanced design and compact profile would bring you best using experience and high pellet yield.
 Flat Die Pellet Mill Specifications
ModelPowerCapacityMould DiaPacking Size
Wood Pellet: 50-90kg/h
Feed Pellet: 90-120kg/h
Pellet Size: Can Adjust By Your DemandWarranty: 1 Year

Portable Flat Die Pellet Mill Performance Features
1. Compact profile and flexible design make small-scale and home production available.
2. Driven by a diesel engine makes pellets production possible especially in the rural area with shortage supply of electricity.
3. Equipped with international standard accelerating-decelerating device, the feed pellet mill for sale can run smoothly with low noise and long life.
4. As a core unit of flat die pellet mill, rolls and dies are all made of high alloy metal to ensure a low consumption.
5. Pellets size is from 2-12 mm upon your requirement. When making different size, you just need to change the die mould.
6. Adopting rotating rolls and stationary dies in mould design, this flat die pellet is designed to make fuel pellet and feed pellet.
How to Choose and Maintain Pellet Dies & Rollers
The simplest flat die pellet mill has one pair of rollers. But now, the new developed pellet press have two or three pair of rollers which have bigger capacity of making pellet particles. Our flat dies are made of 20CrMo or 4CrMo13 which is featured with high hardness & wear resistance after heat treatment.
Flat Die & Roller Maintenance
1. If there is slowdown in pellet production capacity, please check the gap between rollers and dies as well as roller shell wear.
2. Check the wear pattern of pellet die surface, you may find indications of poor feedstock distribution.
3. Probably the most important factor in die life is the setting and adjusting of the rollers. Usually the gap distance between between die and rollers are within 0.1-0.5mm.
4. Depending on the amount and frequency of your pellet die changes, always try to start new rollers with new flat dies at the same time.
5. When placing a new die or roller, you should remember to polish them in advance. Pellet dies and rollers are cast by heat-treated technology which includes process of drilling, quenching etc, thus leading burrs in the pellet die holes and surface.
6. Before turn off pellet mill, you can mix some some feedstock with oil and add them into pellet machine until the die mould is full of oil. This method can prolong working life of pellets dies and rollers.