wood pellet making machine for making burning fuel

The advantages of finished pellets:

1.as biomass fuels :(Dia4-10mm,or bigger)

Without dust ,smokeless, Cleanliness.no CO, pollution-free.

High density and heat value, easy burn ,low cost ,convenient use.

2.for animal feed :(dia 2.5 -6mm,or bigger)Taste good ,high-usage

Usage of the machine:
the wood pellet making machine is used to produce pellet feed for pig, cattle, sheep, rabbit, chicken, duck, fish,etc; or To make inorganic fertilizer granule

this wood pellet making machine is also used to produce the wood pellet for fuel.

The requirement of raw material:
below 6mm powder, if your raw material is straw, wood branch , corn husk and so on, you should grind them into powder at first, and then you can directly use the machine.

Character of wood pellet making machine

1. Raw material for this wood pellet making machine to adapt to a wide range,

such as sawdust leaves, such as straw biomass.

2.the machine low price,stable performance, high output, low energy consumption maintenance

3.it has maintenance convenient, low failure rate and easy to operate

4. Swadust and wood pellet mill the whole body casting, firm structure

5. it is equipped with heavy reasoning bearing, long service life

6 Wood pellet making mill to flat die roll for the high wear resistance of heat treatment,

high wear-resistant parts cost to be low

7. Wood pelelt mill the pellet formation rate is high, the strength of the particles are high
8.this wood pellet making machine is small and light which is good use for home,such a homemade pellet mill is popular for small scale.

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