learning much knowledge of making pellets for rabbit

making pellets for rabbit is not just simple to make particles, there are much knowledges we have to pay attention to Usually the plate die itself rotates, and the machine fixed knives pellets cut to a predetermined length. From there they are transferred to a cooler or dryer to remove the heat that is produced during the process of granulation and is often added steam conditioning. to store the pellets well, we also have to remove the moisture content of the pellets, granulation and operation of pellet mills are specialized subjects on which many books have been written. Die hole sizes for making pellets for rabbit generally range from 2mm to 12mm for different animals. The thickness of the die plate 
to determine the compactness and stability of the pellet.
Effectively prevent rabbits are picky eaters and unbalanced nutritional intake of the daily ration rabbit, rabbit breeders often eat rabbits material gathering food powder mixed and willing to do a variety of food ingredients and pellets animals are well mixed and pressed rabbit no better way to picky eaters.
Have some food pellet hardness unlike the wet powder mixture so sweet, greatly increase the hardness, very love rabbit bites hard objects molars habits, would not for rabbits chewing molars designed for rabbits,so we can use animal feed pellet mill for making pellets for rabbit using flat die pellet mill or ring die pellet mill, but i think ring die pellet mill is better.
Tasteful pellets in the pressing process, the starch paste in the mixed powder, then pressed into pellets has some flavor, increase the palatability of pellets by the pellet machine, can stimulate appetite rabbit, rabbits like to eat, according to determination, rabbits fed pellets can increase from 10% to 15% of food consumption,

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