best quality wood pellet mill machine from china supplier

1. introduction of wood pellet mill
small wood pellet mill adopts special high quality steels plate and advanced even shaft driving device and the cold press molding technology, polishing integer process appearance, compact structure.The key component of our wood pellet mill is made of high quality alloy steel the service life lengthens 5-7 times
2. Features of wood pellet mill
a. the wood pellet mill has High efficiency and output with low energy consumption: through its reasonable and professional design, the machine feeds and press evenly, and discharges pellets with low damage. 
b.The pellets produced by the wood pellet machine are smooth and even, of high standard hardness and heat value.
c.the flat die pellet mill can be driven by diesel engine, unlimited by electricity, can be worked at any place. 
d. Stronger and durable spare parts, such as that the roller is made by high grad complex alloy steel

e. Of various kinds of pore diameter flat die to choose.

Working Principle of this wood pellet making machine
wood pellet making machine use diesel engine as the driving force for initiative axis, and operate cyclely. Major axis and disk mode are drived by gear wheels to produce the friction with the pressure roll bolt, the resulting friction temperature ( between pressure roller and the mode tray can reach 80°c . The powder material become paste at high temperature  and is condensed into pieces, then go through the hole on the mode tray. 

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