homemade pellet mill for sale with small output capacity

This type of homemade pellet mill stands out the facts that it can be put to use in many regions especially in the distant area where power is deficient.
Generally, diesel engine is applied to small flat die homemade pellet mill and its application is very extensive. With more and more people is hunger forusing pellet mill to create heat to their family, so the needs of homemade pellet mill with diesel engine is also increasing nowadays.
2.homemade pellet mill for sale our product using cold forming technology and cosmetic polishing process. It has beautiful appearance and compact structure.
3.it has high output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, fatigue and strong machine, continuous production, economic and durable.
4. the whole homemade pellet mill uses a special high-quality materials and advanced with shaft drive, the key components of high quality alloy steel plus wear-resistant material, to extend the service life 5-7years.

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