wood pellet machine mill for sale is low price

Introduce of wood pellet machine
1.this wood Pellet machine can produce  biomass such as the particle sawdust, straw, chaff etc.
2.the wood pellet machine adopts cold press molding technology, polishing integer process. Beautiful appearance, compact structure.

3.the wood pellet machine has High output, low consumption, low noise, low fault, the machine's fatigue resistance is strong, which can be continuous production.
4.Independent lubrication;high pressure filtration ,clean and unlocked.

5.this wood pellet making machine has small size,light weight,cheap price,siutable for home use.
Wood pellet machine ---Working principle: 
The biomass material has been on the die through the feed hopper. The press roller has

 been driven by principle axis, then press roller has extend the material to the nib, 
the material has been shaped into the cylindrical pellet  and would be cut the rotary slicer, 
then moved to the discharging hole.

Raw material Size for this wood pellet machine

The length of the material cannot exceed the diameter of the die hole. Please ensure the right size of Raw material, otherwise they will easily damage the  wood pellet mill

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