flat plate type pellet mill for animal feed

introduction of pellet mill for animal feed

pellet mill for animal feed is from China processional feed mill machinery manufacturer. 
with the fast development of feeding poultry industry, this kind of poultry feed pellet mill for animal feed is very popular for farmers who feed large quantity of poultry and animals in China. This pellet mill for animal feed has the advantage of competitive price, low consumption, high capacity; etc. This pellet mill for animal feed are a desirable choice for small feeding plant for it can save time and cost for them. 
The best moisture content for pelletizing is between 12%-15%. 

There are generally two types of dies in the pellet mill – flat die or ring die.  Die hole sizes usually range from  3 mm to 12mm.  The thickness of the plate die helps to determine the compactness and stability of the pellet.  animal feed Pellet mill  dies are usually manufactured from metal alloys, stainless steel or high chrome.  
In a pellet plant, the pellets are transferred from the pellet mill for animal feed, to a cooler/drier to remove the heat which is generated during the pelleting process.  The moisture content of the pellets also needs to be reduced for durability during storage and shipping.  Pellets are then normally stored in silos or bins for bulk shipping or to be processed by packaging systems.

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