unique design generation wood pellet making machine

A new generation of wood pellet mill is applied to the materials with adhesiveness and shaping.Main engine with high standard reducer drive,transmission part selecting high quality bearing,ensure that the transmission efficiency,stable,low noise,long service life.flat die adopts the quick-release anchorear type and feeding adopts frequency control of motor speed feeding,ensuring uniform feeding.A new generation of wood pellet making machine adopts the international advanced manufacture technology.Press roller with high alloy wear-resistant materials refined,has a unique design,reasonable structure,high efficiency,long life life.Flat die type pellet mill is improved on the basis of organic granulator, solve the organic fertilizer not easy to granular. The flat die small pellet machine have many characteristic, scush as simple structure, reasonable design, partickes easy dry and content is low, etc. 
The flat die pellet machine not only use for production fertilizer pellet, also can use for to production animal feed pellet and wood, pelelt, to achive the effect of mult-usage.

raw materials


The suitable raw materials for fodder : soybean, hay, corn flour, tapioca flour, wheat flour, bran, bean dregs, crumbs, etc.

Fuel Material :

The suitable materials are rice husk, sunflower husks, peanut shells and other fruits and shells; twigs, tree trunk,bark and other wood waste; various crops, weeds, straw, etc.

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