how to make your own good quality pellet with a pellet mill

Step 1: you need a Crusher-- It is used to crush the raw materials into powder.
Step2: Screw conveyor --screw conveyor is used to transfer the powder to the pellet mill. You can also use man power instead of this screw conveyor machine.
Step 3: Dryer--If the moisture of the powder is more than 12%. Then you can use this dryer machine.During drying, the moisture of the material should be less than 50%. You also can choose to dry the sawdust naturally.
Step 4: Screw conveyor--It is used to transfer the powder to the pellet making machine. You can also use man power instead of this machine.
Step 5: Pellet machine--It is used to make the powder into pellets. The moisture of the powder should be from 8-12% for good working.
Step 6: Cooler—It is used to cool and screen the final pellet.
Step7: Lifting machine-- To transfer the pellet to the packing can also use man powder instead of this machine
Step 8: Packing machine--It is used to pack the pellets in bags.

1.pellet mill can press biomass such as sawdust, straw and rice husk pellet
2 pellet mill adopts cold pressing molding technology, polishing process. Beautiful appearance, compact structure.
3.wood pellet machine high output, low energy consumption, low noise, low mistakes, strong feed pellet machine fatigue resistance, can produce continuously, good using.
4.The wood pellet machine adopts special high quality materials and advanced even shaft driving device, the key components are high quality alloy steel with wear-resisting material, using German vacuum heat treatment furnace, will span the working life to five to seven times.

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