plate die feed pellet mill to make animal organic pelleted feeds for farm

1.Pelletizing by a flat die feed pellet mill is the process of making waste materials into pellets. The pellets are then used for thermal combustion. feed pellets are one of the most common products of pelletization.

2.feed pellets can be made from any type of grains like corn powder,wheat straw powder,rice husk,fish bone powder,corn cob powder,and so on

3.The moisture content required for this pellet mill should be less than 15%, and grain size below 5*5 mm.

4.With high-precision gears can make the working stability and long time.

features of feed pellet mill

1.The feed pelleting machine accepts the dry materials(The moisture of raw materials is not less than the national standard of 13% ). Differential and universal joint driver is adopted. Both the motor or diesel engine are OK.

2.the pellet mill can also be used to make Organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer,biological organic Fertilizer can be produced. The processed products are ball granule with uniform size. Its fluidity and solubility are good, the intensity of products is high and the fluidity is good.

3.The use of unique technology for this animal feed pellet making machine can complete the whole process of low-temperature drying, cooling and screening in one passage. The results show that this process is easy in operation and low in cost with a high survival rate of biomass microorganism bacterium > 90%.

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