animal feed pellet making machine with electric motor control box used at home

Our feed pellet making machine take the most advantage of flat die feed pellet mill machine technology.The service life is 3-5 times more than the average machine . the pellet mill is used to process the raw materials without crushing such as corn, soybeans, barley grain into fodder for rabbit, fish, chicken, duck, goose, horse, cattle, donkeys, sheep, pigs and other animals. .the animal feed pellet making machine can be dried into dry out without adding water , and glossy particles forming rate is 98%.

Directly before the pelleting press, a raw materials with a granular size of approxly must be about 4 mm and a residual moisture content of approx. 15 % is required. The feed pellet making machine adopts speed-adjust feeder to control the feeding capacity, and use big diameter modulator to make materials fully cured, and make the pellet smoother. The formation rate reaches 98%. The final size of the product is between 4-8mm.

features of feed pellet making machine
1. The animal feed press machine makes high density, smooth surface, ripe inside feed which is good for the animals to assimilate.

2. the feed pellet making machine has Low moisture animal feed made by the feed pellet mill machine is benefit to storage.

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