floating fish feed pellet mill for making fish feed pellets

The floating fish feed pellet mill can convert corn, wheat, flour etc material into high density pellets for fish feed pellets. The final pellets can float on the water more than 24 hours.This pellet mill machine is specially used to make floating&sinking fish feed pellets, different shapes food for dog and cat. By changinng the mould, the floating fish feed pellet mill can produce different size pet food. The food are nutrient and healthful for the pets.
After the material is sent into feeding device, they will be extruded and expanded by the screw shaft of the fish feed pellet machine with high pressure and temperature which makes the raw material fully cooked and sterilized. Then the expanded material will be formed into pellets by shaping mould. You can change different moulds to make pellets with different diameters. After that a cutting device will cut the formed pellets into different length as required

Advantage of floating fish feed pellet mill

1.International advanced cutting technology, the use of soft cutting forms, achieving stepless, anywhere out of the material can be cut into the required length of the product, is not easy to have a Burr.

2.the fish feed extruder has Innovative design, unique, simple structure, easy to install easy unloading easy to dismantle, easy operation.

3.Screw and threaded with special wear-resistant, heat-resistant alloy steel material and heat treatment, and has the advantages of wear resistance and long service life.

4.Within the unique Turbo-die device, ensure that the forage yield and quality and fitted with electric heating devices, improve feed extrusion rate.

5.Y series three-phase Motors main motor adopts high quality, ensure that the power is strong.

6.Variable-speed feeding device, easy operation, feeding evenly to prevent machine being blocked.

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