Working principle of animal feed crushing machine

9FQ animal feed grass herbage hammer milling/crushing machine

corn crusher, corn crushing machine, grass hammmer mill, grass grinder, branch crushing machine, straw crushing machine, nut shell crushing machine, corn stalk crushing machine, herbage crushing machine,the feed crusher machine is suitable for grinding corn, wheat, beans, grains, straw, vines, dry fresh potato, leaves the shell, such as food and feed, can also be shattered wood, branch, gypsum, aluminum powder, rare earth, chemical, pottery clay, coal and other minerals low hardness, and can crush a variety of traditional Chinese medicine.this machine is mainly used for crushing and mixing all kinds of dry animal feed. screw conveyor, crusher and mixer are concentrated in one, so it occupy a small place and easy to install and carry. And the feed crusher machine crusher can absorb the raw material by itself.the animal feed crusher machine is used with feed pellet mill to make poultry feed pellets

Working principle of animal feed crushing machine

When working, the material to be processed from the hopper into the crushing chamber, by the high-speed rotation of the working parts of the fight against and rupture, while changing the direction of movement of the material, due to high-speed rotation of the working parts of the destruction of the material layer deposition, In this process, the particles are repeatedly subjected to the impact of the working parts and the body and the collision between the particles, friction, which is gradually crushed to the geometric diameter is less than the diameter of the screen in the centrifugal force and airflow under the action of crushed material Through the sieve hole into the crushing chamber from the discharge port.

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