model 125 is a small pellet mill driven by diesel engine. It is mainly consisted of feeder

model 125 is a small pellet mill driven by diesel engine. It is mainly consisted of feeder, flat die, roller, gear bearings and diesel engine. It is generally used for pellet making in small scale, like at home or on farm. This small pellet machine can process various materials into fuel pellets and feed pellets. It is in small size and with compact structure, making it preferred by farmers and home users.

Spotlights of small flat die pellet machine for home use
1. It is in small size and with compact structure.
2. the small pellet mill is at relative lower price.
3. the small pellet mill is suitable for home use or farm use.
4. the small pellet mill can be operated and maintained easily.
5. It is driven by diesel engine, making pellets production possible especially in places where electricity is not easily available.

Material----Both the roller and die are the most significant parts of a flat die pellet mill. Pelleting is completed mainly with the help of roller and die. So they must be wear resistant. We provide rollers and dies which are made of alloy metal. Also, if you desire pellets of different sizes, we have various dies for your choice.
Life span----Due to the abrasive nature and pressure of compression, rollers and flat die are damageable parts. Many buyers are very concerned about the service life of die and roller. In fact, the material of die and roller is a factor. But, the lifespan also depends on how often you use it; what kind of biomass you pelletize, and whether you operate and maintain the machine properly. Take sawdust pelletizing for example, constant operation for 4-8 hours per day for over 6 months will wear down the die and roller. Then you need to replace them. If the pelletized materials are softer biomass like grasses, leaves, the die and rollers can last over one year.
the feed pellet mill price is also noteworthy that the thickness of flat die will affect the quality of pellets. When the die is thicker, the pelletizing process will be longer, the pellets will be denser, and the appearance of pellets will be smoother. And the life of die will be longer.

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