poultry feed grinder machine is used to grind dry brittle materials, such as spice, seasoning, pepper, aniseed,

poultry feed grinder machine is used to grind dry brittle materials, such as spice, seasoning, pepper, aniseed, ginger, garlic, coffee beans, cocoa beans, herb or medicine, tea leaves, grains,wheat, corn,rice, soybean, green beans, red beans, feed, tobacco, tea leaf, chemical materials ,dry vegetables, dry fruits, and so on.the poultry feed grinder is widely used in food, feed, chemical, medical or pharmaceutical, refractory, non-metallic, abrasive, metallurgy, construction materials and agricultural industries.and it is used with feed pellet mill to make poultry pelleted feed,The crushing chamber realizes waterdrop type; unique inlet air way avoids circumfluence phenomenon in the crushing process; equips "U" type hitting groove in the bottom of the crushing chamber, which enhances the output; quick-start full opening operation door, elasticity screen, easy to maintain and replace screen.

Uses import bearing to guarantee the service life; The nylon stick coupling drives directly, effectively avoids bearing radiation. Through dynamic balancing check, the rotor runs more stably, the noise is lower, and the performance is more ideal;
Feed port locates in the top of pulverizer, which can match with each kind of feed mechanisms. Through adjustment, this machine can realize coarse cracking, fine cracking, minuteness cracking, one machine multipurpose.
It is suitable to high quality poultry material, aquatic product material, alcohol plant, citric acid factory and so on.

poultry farms grain grinder crusher and mixer:

1. Animal feed grinding and mixing machine is designed for rural small farms, small and medium raise animals into thinking, with the design of small animal feed factory , feed processing equipment,set the vertical ascent, and mixed warehouse, level transporting as one.

2. Stirring pot single can stir 1000 kilograms, two motor powers , the concrete function will be material self-priming to crushing work onboard, then the shattering of the material, the crushed material can be after the completion of the pipe into through the side to mixing work on board for mixing.

3. The animal feed grinding and mixing machine concrete mixing, mixed rate is high. Can production premix,enrichment material, powder, etc.

4. The most suitable for small farmers use, pigs, cows, horses, rabbit, chicken, fish, etc.

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