small pellet machine for animal feed home use

working principle of small pellet machine

the small pellet machine Based on the circular motion,this small pellet machine ( ) can be driven by a motor or diesel engine powered,driven gear passed to spindle and flat die,cause the clamping roller rotation under the friction. Under the pressure of clamping roller,raw material is squeezed by the pellet machine from the die Adjusting the cutter to control the pellets length and after flings the material plate to arrive the discharge hole.


advantages of small pellet machine

1.the small pellet machine has a Simple structure, wide applicability,low noise

2.if you use corn,wheat,soybean powder,you do not need to add water or little water granulation can be carried out. The moisture content of pellets smaller, more conducive to storage.

3.this pellet machine can not only make animal feed,but also can make wood sawdust pellets for fuel use using wood chips,wood sawdust, but you need to add some binders into the materials


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