chicken feed pellet mill for home use

This chicken feed pellet mill adopts advanced technology, after years of development, creation and improvement with many technical experts. Especially the mould plate,roller on the host pellet machine adopts qualified queched steel, then after high temperature quenching process, the life of performance for wear-resisting increases 3-5 times than the common pellet machine.( )

The kernel such as corn, barley and soybean, etc doesn't need to be grinded, and can be put in directly


Features of animal feed pellet machine is feeding vertically;No arching of raw materials ,easy for heating dissipation

2.this animal feed pellet machine adopts double-layer dies ,up and down dual-use ,high capacity ,saving energy

3.for feedstuff pellets, this chicken feed pellet mill can make feed for pigs, rabbits, lamb, chicken, duck, goose, pigeons, cows, fish, etc
4. for boimass pellets, the pellet mill can be used in Industrial boilers, home heating stoves, biomass power plants and so on


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