flat die animal feed pellet machine for chicken

Application of animal feed pellet machine

1. This animal feed pellet machine can not only make animal feed pellet for chicken,duck,rabbit,but also can make boimass pellets with wood chips and sawdust
2. the animal feed pellet machine ( https://www.pelletizermill.com/ )can be installed with an electrical control box. The final size is Dia 6, 8mm for the sawdust pellet, and 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm,etc.for animals' food.


Features of animal feed pellet machine

1.it is feeding vertically;No arching of raw materials ,easy for heating dissipation

2.this animal feed pellet machine adopts double-layer dies ,up and down dual-use ,high capacity ,saving energy

3.the die of the animal feed pellet machine is fixed,but the rollers rotates ,materials centrifugal ,evenly distributed around


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