this type feed mixer machine is usually used with feed pellet machine to set up a small feed pellet production plant

This 2 in 1 animal feed crusher mixer machine is vertical type which saves your room and saves your price cost and absorb the raw materials by itself,completely automatically feeding. This feed grinder mixer machine is mainly used to crushing and mixing kinds of raw materials to produce poultry feed. The crushing part is hammer mill grinder with feature of absorbing the raw materials automatically,the mixing part is vertical screw type,feeding raw materials through a screw conveyor. 
This type vertical animal feed crusher mixer machine is concentrated with conveyor,feed crushing machine,feed mixing machine into one equipment which makes it occupy a small room and high cost performance.The production scale is from 500 kilograms per hour to 2000 kilograms per hour which is suitable for small poultry farm or home use to make powder animal feed.this type feed mixer machine is usually used with feed pellet machine to set up a small feed pellet production plant. because of the impressed feature of 2 in 1,you save using separated feed crusher machine and feed mixer machine.The body of the mixer is made of carbon steel, it has two feed ports. One is the main feeding port,the other is the auxiliary feeding port. One side of the body is designed interlayer structure,middle space is connected with the roof and bottom of the mixer body. When intaking and letouting materials,the discharged air can circulate up and down so as not to let the air and ash out of the mixer.

Discharging control device consists of air tank,link mechanism,limit screw and positioning switch. Discharging gate is set on the coupled shaft, the coupled shaft and the driven rocker of the link mechanism are linked together,air tank is linked with the main rocker. The air tank moves alternately, rotates the coupled shaft by the link mechanism,so as to open and close the discharging gate. Oil is injected after feeding,and then the mixer works for another 1-1.5 minutes.
advantages of feed mixer machine
1.It is suitable for feed factory and fertilizer factory, the best choice for feed factory.
2.The mixing time is 1-3 minutes, and the homogeneity Cv≤5%., It can match with liquid adding system.
3.The discharge door is adopted to gate type.
4.Many forms of opening door at the bottom, such as pneumatic, electric and gate forms, also can match gas seal, avoid leakage of fine materials.

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