horizontal feed mixer is used to mix a variety of dry powder as proportion

horizontal feed mixer is used to mix a variety of dry powder as proportion, and it can also be used in small and medium sized farms with feed unit. This feed mixer machine compose of machine shell, rotor, transmission parts and shedding mechanism and other components. This machine has many features, such as simple and reasonable structure, easy maintenance, safe and reliable, high mixing evenness, short mixing time, small residue.It is widely used in food processing, chemical industry. the feed mixer machine can mix many kinds of material especially for the powder and granule which is with stick or cohesion character, or add a little liquid and paste material into powder and granule material.
This animal feed machine consists of two parts,feeding and stirring mixer.The animal feed mixing machine is a new style and high efficiency mixing machine, can be widely used to mix animal feed and poultry feed, chemical, Medicine, compound fertilizer,dye,colour,pigment,cement, silica sand, powder milk,fodder,feed additive industry, mainly to mix Powder-powder, Powder-liquid material.

Feed Mixer features

1. single shaft twin screw feed mixer used for animal feed needs to mix the raw material bu batch.

2.The user needs time to discharge the finished products.

3.Due to single shaft twin screw feed mixer used for animal feed is processed by batch, we suggest adding a silo with the mixer.

4.The single shaft twin screw animal feed and fertilizer mixer is much economical on price than double shaft mixer.

5.Discharge method: Manual, electrical,pneumatic.

6. single shaft twin screw feed mixer used has two feeding door on top, one is used to add main materials , the other is used to add additive. the output doors both have manual and pneumatic type.

application of feed mixer machine

1:Suitable for mixing premix, poultry feed, aquatic feed, additives and chemical and medicine industries, etc.

2:Mixed in gravity-free state, no segregation, variety of liquids can be added

3:Short mixing period(40-120 sec/batch), high evenness degree (CVCV<5%) may be up to 2%

4: Siemens motor: we equip the super brand Siemens motor in our machine.

5:The machine material we can make as customers inquiry ,you can choose stainless steel quality .

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