ring die pellet mill is your best choice for processing such biomass materials

ring die pellet mill is your best choice for processing such biomass materials as wood, sawdust, crop straw, peanut shell and cotton stalk into pellets for pellet stove, pellet boiler or power plant. Biomass pellets can improve burning efficiency, ease of transportation, energy saving and environment protection.
The wood pellet making machine is one of the key machine in the biomass pellet production line
ring dies sawdust pellet mill can make 1t-1.5t wood pellets per hour with many kinds of material, such as sawdust, bamboo powder, rice husk, grass,chrysanthemum,palm etc.
palm shell pellet mill is important part of wood pellet production line which consist of wood chipper, hammer mill, dryer, pellet mill, cooler, screen, packing machine etc.
Raw material :

You can use different raw material,such as sawdust,rice husk,rice stalk,and so on to make wood pellet.
The wood pellet can be burned for people to keep warm and make energy as well.
The time is burned is longer than the the raw material,and more efficiently.
Features of ring dies sawdust pellet mill

1.main engine drives with high precision gear, ring die in quick detaching encircling hoop type, output is 20% higher then belt driving;
2. equipped with steam automatic regulatory system to keep refining temperature constant.
3.adopt international advanced ring die processed by heat treatment vacuum furnace, lengthen useful life and pellet is more smooth with high quality;
4. with full stainless steel dorr, flume and pull cutter which is convenient and reliable;
5. Advanced and reliable over-load protection ;
6. Pellet Mill bearings adopts Sweden SKF bearings.

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