grass pellet machine adopts the high accuracy gear driving

This series grass pellet mill can be powered by both diesel engine and e-motor.signi machinery ,We adopt the new design of direct connection of motor shaft and he main shaft that overcome the loose defect of belt connecting as long time using. When the raw materials are added in the template by pressing roller, they will be heated to 60~80 degrees by the friction among them. After being pressed through the template, the fodder will be thrown out from the feed pellet machine in a state of granule. You can choose the size of the granules by using different template with different size of holes in it.
A diesel engine is another choice to drive the machine, together with the clutch and accelerating decelerating device to change its speed. It is still for the belt to drive the main shaft. The feed pellet making machine can run smoothly and with few noises.

The main features of sunflower stalk pellet mill
1.The main drive of our grass pellet machine adopts the high accuracy gear driving, so the output is 20% more than the belt drive.It makes gear directly-connecting as the driver, and is with quick-release die fixed by clamps, which can increase the output 15% more than the same type grass pellet machine with belt-convey.
2.the grass pellet mill uses the SKF bearings, NAK oil seal to make sure the high-efficiency, stable performance and low noisy of the whole machine. And it uses the Siemens or Wannan brand of motor.
3.The pelletizing chamber is equipped with air suction cooling system.
4.The feeder of our grass pellet machine uses variable-frequency and variable-speed motor to make sure the good quality of the pellet.
5.Advanced world standard compensatory S-shaped coupling with the structure of novel, compact, safe, low-noisy and low fault.
6.Feeder, conditioner and chute of our wood pellet machine made of stainless steel with long service life.
7.Our grass pellet machine with magnet and over load protection system, which can protect machine well during production
8.We have different bore diameter of the ring dies for your choice. And the feeder is with a variable speed controlled to meet different outputs requirements.

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