mini pellet press for home use to make feed pellets

The mini pellet press comes with varies of pellets die from 3mm to 12mm or with a die of your choice that can deliver any size pellets if you are making animal feeds,we recommend to  use 3--5mm flat die.

this mini pellet press powerful is just 3kW. the feed pellet mill is run from a standard (single phase) 3 pin plug – and comes ready just to plug in and start making pellets!

The key features and benefits of the MiniPress pellet press are:
All components of the mini pellet press are manufactured and assembled in Britain.
Ex-stock availability of spare parts and alternative dies from our Gloucester base.
Raw materials hopper – holding about 20 – 60 minutes of materials depending on type and diameter of pellets
Variable speed feed auger from hopper to control the load on the 3kW motor
Vegetable oil and water reservoirs with variable drip feed to mixing chamber, aiding better pellet formation.

big advantages of this feed pellet mill
the pellet mill for home use has Simple-to-use control panel with variable speed switches to adjust output.
Plant capacity range 100kg to 1000kg per hour
it is Fully automated process
Operator supervision 2 to 3 hours per day
Double shift capability
the mini pellet press can save much on waste disposal costs

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