flat die feed pellet mill development

Flat die pellet mill has a longer history compared with ring die,which is a lot in demand in the application of feed pellet mill in the past few years. Later on, it is also applied in making wood pellets and organic fertilizer pellets.
With the development of poultry and livestock breeding industry,more and more ranchers and farmers prefer to make feed for their animal themself in which case they can not only save lot of cost but also can satisfy the need of animal for different nutrient.
Our compony manufacture two kinds of feed pellet mill.One is 9KLP series feed pellet mill which have small capacity with relatively small electricity consumption and suitable for home use to make their own feed pellets.It is always used for home and small poultry farm feed making.It can be made very small out of the consideration of technology.
Another model MXK series flat die feed pellet mill which have multiply function that can not only press feed pellet but also press biomass fuel pellets.MXK pellet mill always used for small scale feed pellet making,because it can be made very small to meet the demand of small capacity.so when you choose a flat die pellet mill you should be clear of your demand,we recommend you to look at the tips of choosing flat die pellet mill tips
9KLP series flat die pellet mill

MXK series flat die pellet mill

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