how many types of pellet mill?which type is suitable for you?

There are several different designs of pellet mill. two main types are ring die and flat die type pellet mill At the beginning of the 20th century when the first pelleted feed making machine were used for feed pellet production a flat die design of pellet mill was used. The flat die design is still used in feed pellet production today, however other designs are now also common. The feed pellet machine comprises a set of rollers and die, as material enters the pellet mill it is compressed through the holes in the die to form the pellet shape. This is an extremely simplified version of the process, as in reality several factors impact on the process and the ability to produce quality pellets. 

introduction of flat die pellet mill

pellet machine is the process of making waste materials into solid fuel or feed.
the raw materials can be made from any type of agro-forestry waster:groundnut shell,
sugarcane bio-gases,saw dust,coffee husk,paddy straw ,sunflower stalk,cotton stalks,tobacco waste mustard stalk,jute waste,bamboo dust,tea waste,wheat straw,palm husk,soybeans husk rice husks,wood chips and many agro wastes.the pellet machine can make these raw materials into useful fuel or feed pellet for animals.

Requirements for the raw materials:

1. size of raw materials: powder or no longer than 1cm

2. moisture content of raw materials: 18-23%

3. raw materials can be the mixture of 2 or more than 2 kinds different materials, they must be evenly mixed.

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