small pellet machine,home use pellet machine

The pellet machine can make fodder for many kinds of animals , such as pig , chicken , fish , cattle etc.The raw material can be the food grain and the waste form the agriculture , for example , corn straw , groundnut shell , grass and so on .
features of pellet machine
1.this small pellet machine Adopting cutter shalf locating to cut, can get stepless speed to adjust the length of finished product according to your needs.
2.The pellet machine is made by the 38chromium, molybdenum, aluminium which are
special wear resisting, high temperature, and high moisture, tempering firstly, then mold by heating,
with the advantage of the wear-resisting and long life.
3. There are unique super charge die in small pellet machine to make sure the capacity and quality
of the feed stuff also using the reduction motor to work with with the main motor to make sure enough power
4.the small pellet machine has a small scale production which is very suitable for home use. so the home use pellet machine ( )

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